Drug Addiction and Alcohol Abuse Self Assessment*

Do I really have an addiction?

Each person's "bottom" is different. Some people recognize that they are in trouble early. What you need to ask yourself is: "How far down do I want to go before I make an effort to come back up?" Or, "How much am I willing to risk the possibility that I'll never make it back up?"

Below is a self-assessment questionnaire. Answer the yes or no questions honestly and keep tally of how many of each you have. This only takes a minute and could help you better gauge whether or not you might have an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

  1. Have you ever decided to stop your drug use or drinking and been unable to do so for any length of time?
  2. Are other people bothered by your intake of drugs and alcohol? Do they make comments or make it apparent they are uncomfortable around you when you are intoxicated?
  3. Have you ever made an attempt to stop using or drinking by switching from beer to liquor, liquor to beer, heroin to pills or from hard drugs to pot and found that either you were unsuccessful or that you just added a new "flavor" to your drinking and using?
  4. In the past year have you ever had a drink or used drugs upon waking up to feel better from the night before?
  5. Do you wish you could be like other people who drink and / or use and do not get in trouble? Do you envy them?
  6. In the past year have you been in trouble at school, work or with the law as a result of drinking or drug use?
  7. In the past year has your drug use or drinking caused problems at home with your family, children, parents or spouse?
  8. Do you ever sneak drinks or hide your drug use at parties or get high or "buzzed" before attending social events so that people can't gauge how much you are using or drinking?
  9. Do you tell yourself that you can quit anytime but still get drunk and or high without meaning to?
  10. Have you missed school, work or important family commitments becuase you were high, hung-over or drunk?
  11. Do you ever have "blackouts" or periods you can't remember while using drugs or drinking?
  12. Have you ever felt that if you could only quit using or drinking that your life would be much better?
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*Drug Addiction and Alcohol Abuse Self Assessment replicated from here.